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Hakhel Email Community Awareness Bulletin



1.  JNET http://www.thejnet.com

A filter for one's computer, Blackberry® and other mobile devices


2.  Eblaster: http://www.eblaster.com/


3.  Open DNS   http://www.opendns.com


4.  Netnanny


Filtration software that can be purchased for $40-50 per year. You can download a free trial.


5.  WebChaver


WebChaver has received the endorsement of leading Rabbonim and utilizes the cutting-edge Covenant Eyes software, which logs all web activity and sends a weekly report to the head of the household or another designated partner (Shomer) for monitoring.  WebChaver offers this service for a steeply discounted price, by assisting groups and allowing individuals to sign up at a group rate.  This organization is not-for-profit.


6.  Accountable2You  http://www.accountable2you.com

Free software


7. Websense


This is an enterprise level product if you run a medium-size business or larger and need something more robust.


8.  Watchguard


This product is generally more suitable for small businesses and offices than Websense as the device costs around $1,000 initially to buy.  Annual maintenance for the filter to work is around $150, but it filters the entire network that it is attached to-including all computers and wireless devices.


9.   K9 Web Protection

It is available from http://www.k9webprotection.com/ as a free download.  It has great functionality allowing complete blocking of Internet with the exclusion of email.  Or, specific types of blocking with a password override.  It also have very good tracking with the admin can use to see what was browsed


10.  Yeshivanet

Yeshivanet provides a selected service of email only or email with a select list of customized websites.  Connection to yeshivanet is by dialup or DSL.  For more information, one can visit www.yeshivanet.com, or call at 718-YESHIVA (937-4482).



Internet Filter Review

For a rundown on many of these and other filter programs, see this chart



It is crucial to have both filtration and accountability.  The accountability reports can go to more than one person.



Tracking Program for the BlackBerry SmartPhone:


SpectorSoft eBlaster Mobile - http://www.spectorsoft.com/   888-598-2788  


Internet filter for iPhone: