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Each issue is personally reviewed by HaRav Yisroel Belsky, Z'tl, and deals with a broad range of halachic and haskafa issues.  The purpose of this Bulletin is to alert the public regarding timely issues which raise serious shailos, so that the informed person can ask his Rav the right questions.  This Bulletin is not intended to provide the answers to these issues.  It is intended to heighten each member of our community’s awareness of important shailos in our community, and to receive his own p’sak on each of these issues.


Adobe PDF Spring 5761 Volume I, Number 1
Adobe PDF Summer 5761, Volume I, Number 2
Adobe PDF Av 5761, Volume I, Number 3
Adobe PDF MarCheshvan 5762, Volume II, Number 1
Adobe PDF Teves/Shevat 5762, Volume II, Number 2
Adobe PDF Adar 5762, Volume II, Number 3
Adobe PDF Nisan 5762, Volume II, Number 4
Adobe PDF Elul 5762, Volume II, Number 5
Adobe PDF Tishrei 5763, Volume III, Number 1
Adobe PDF Adar II 5763, Volume III, Number 2
Adobe PDF Sivan 5763, Volume III, Number 3
Adobe PDF Elul 5763, Volume III, Number 4
Adobe PDF Adar 5764, Volume IV, Number 1
Special Editions
Adobe PDF Special Edition, Eruv Tavshilin
Adobe PDF Special Edition, Succos 5765
Adobe PDF Special Edition, Pesach 5765