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Below you will find various resources, texts and links.  Certain related content can be found in our Public Service Announcements section by clicking here.  A list of audio and video resources is available by clicking here.  The index for our series on each of the brochos of the Shemone Esrei is available by clicking here.


Hakhel's Gemach List for 5779


Adobe PDFKitzur Shulchan Aruch Yomi Schedule (English)

Adobe PDFLimud Mishnayos Chart

Adobe PDFDaf Yomi B'Halacha Schedule

Adobe PDFDaily Schedule 5780 -Nach Yomi, Mishnah Yomi, Daf Hayomi and Halacha Yomi



Adobe PDFTable of Measurements and Currency Found in the Talmud

Adobe PDFChart Showing Prohibited Areas Around One Davening

          Chart of Karbonos



Adobe PDFKaddish Card - English

Adobe PDFKaddish Card - Hebrew

Adobe PDF13 Attributes - English

Adobe PDF13 Attributes - Hebrew

Adobe PDF Detailed Breakdown of Vidui (Ashamnu)

Adobe PDFAmen Yehei Shemei Rabbah

Adobe PDFAmen Response

Adobe PDFAmen Response Card (Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation)

Adobe PDFKavanah Poster for Shemone Esrei (Rabbi Elbaz)

             Adobe PDFKavanah Checklist for Shemone Esrei (Rabbi Elbaz)

Adobe PDFKavanah Poster for Birchas HaMazon (Rabbi Elbaz)

Adobe PDFKavanah for Amen and Yehei Shemei Rabbah (Ohr Zarua)

Adobe PDFKavanah for the Names of Hashem and for Amen

Adobe PDFKavanah for Al HaMichya and Borei Nefashos

Adobe PDFKavanos for Shema and for Brochos

Adobe PDFKavanos for Shema (Tefillah Behirah)

Adobe PDFTefillah for the Geulah (Hebrew)

Adobe PDFTefillah for the Geulah (English)

Adobe PDFTefillah for Shmiros HaLashon (Chofetz Chaim)

Adobe PDFTefillah for Shmiros HaLashon (Chofetz Chaim) [abridged version]

Adobe PDFTefillah of the Ba'al Ohr LaShamayim (HaRav Meir Apta)

Adobe PDFTefillah for Parnassah  (Shlah HaKodesh)

Adobe PDFTefillah before Davening (HaRav Moshe Shternbuch, Shlita-Teshuvos VeHanhagos)

Adobe PDFAkdamot (Aramaic translated into Hebrew and English)

Adobe PDFTefillah for Parents (Chazon Ish)

Adobe PDFTefillah HaShlah HaKodesh (by parents relating to one's children) - Eruv Rosh Chodesh Sivan

Adobe PDFTefillah HaShlah after learning on Shavuos

Adobe PDFTefillah HaShlah HaKodesh for a variety of situations

Adobe PDFTefillah for Finding Lost Objects (Hebrew/English)

Adobe PDFBas Yisroel Tefillah (Reb. Kanievsky)

Adobe PDF Tefillah for Judging Others Favorably

Adobe PDF Tefillah to Prevent Anger

Adobe PDF Tefillah for Shemiras Einayim

Adobe PDFTefillah for Teshuvah (Hebrew/English)

Adobe PDFTefillah for Emunah and Bitachon

Adobe PDF Tefillah Before Learning Mussar

Adobe PDFTefillas HaBori

Adobe PDF Tefillah of Thanks

Adobe PDF Tefllas Todah L'Borei Olom (seen at Kever Rochel)

Adobe PDF Tefillah for Women (from Bnos Melochim)

Adobe PDF Karbonos HaYachid (Korban Olah) (from the siddur Tefillah L'Moshe)

Adobe PDFTefillah Before Visiting the Doctor or Taking Medication

Adobe PDF Tefillah When Visiting the Cemetery

Adobe PDF Tefilos Said at a Bris

Adobe PDF Tefillah for the Eve of the Seder (Arizal)

 Adobe PDFTefillah Before Lighting Chanukah Candles (Hebrew)

Adobe PDF Nusach of Haneiros Halallu with exactly 36 words

Adobe PDFTefillah for Tu B'Shevat (Ben Ish Chai)

Adobe PDFTefillah for Esrog (for Tu B'Shevat)

Adobe PDFTefillah for Parnassah (reader submitted)

Adobe PDF Tefillah for Protection from Risks of the Internet

Adobe PDF For Finding Lost Objects

Adobe PDFYehai Shemai Raba Flyer (Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation)

Adobe PDFMisheberach of the Tosfos Yom Tov (for those who do not speak in shul)

Adobe PDFViduy of the Chidah

Adobe PDFTefillah HaBari of the Chidah

Adobe PDFTefillah for Refuah of the Chidah

Adobe PDFViduy for Women (English)

Adobe PDFOn the Power of Kavanah in Responding During Davening (from the Sefer Nefesh HaChaim)

Adobe PDFSegula Gedola V’Niflaa (from the Sefer Nefesh HaChaim)

Adobe PDFPesukim of Bitachon (from the Sefer HaMevorach Yisborach)

Adobe PDFCount of Mitzvos - Tefillah B'Tzibbur

Adobe PDFPesukim Said Upon Entering and Leaving

Adobe PDFThirteen Middos of Rav Yisroel Salanter

Adobe PDFSukkah Poster

Adobe PDFSukkah Reminder Sheet

Adobe PDFSukkah Kavannah Card for First Night (Rabbi Boruch Hirschfeld, Shlita)

         The World's Best Segulah (JPEG)



Shemoneh Esrei Series

"Landmarks" in Shemoneh Esrei

Rabbi Webster's Bishul Test

Rabbi Bodner's Brochos Shailos

Shemiras HaLashon Issues in Shidduchim

A Word on Words

Adobe PDF Middah of Anavah by Rabbi Avraham Tovalsky, Shlita

Adobe PDF Middah of Ma’avir Ahl HaMiddos by Rabbi Avraham Tovalsky, Shlita

Al Cheit Explained Series

Adobe PDF Hilchos Sukkah

Listing from Sefer HaMitzvos HaKatzar

Adobe PDF Excerpts from the Sefer Matnas Chelko on the Mesilas Yesharim by HaRav Mattisyahu Salomon, Shlita

Adobe PDF  Proper Conduct Bein Adam L’Chaveiro, from the sefer Hizharu Bichvod Chaveireichem



Adobe PDFShidduch Guidelines for Avoiding Improper Speech

Adobe PDFSix Constant Mitzvos (translation)

Adobe PDFSix Constant Mitzvos (in brochos) Poster

Adobe PDFSix Constant Mitzvos (English) wallet-sized card

Adobe PDFSix Constant Mitzvos (Hebrew) wallet-sized card  [These laminated cards are free and can be obtained by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to 90 High Street, Passaic, NJ  07055-4752]

Adobe PDFHappiness Principles (Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, Shlita)

Adobe PDFShemiras Loshon Yomi Shul Program (Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation)

Adobe PDFTen Rules for Shemiras HaLoshon (Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation)

Adobe PDFShermiras HaLoshon in the Workplace and at School

Adobe PDFPurim Kol Korei Regarding Drinking

Adobe PDFFire Safety for Jewish Observances (Fire Department of New York City)

Adobe PDF"Causes of Pediatric Death", reprinted from EMS Magazine (Volume 34, Number 7)

Adobe PDFKeren HaSheviis Information Sheet on Tu B'Shevat

Adobe PDF Proper Fruit Checking Guidelines (Tu B'Shevat 5777)


            United States

Adobe PDF Schach Infestation (bamboo mats)

Adobe PDFSummer Kashrus Reminders (Kof-K Kosher Supervision)

Adobe PDFKaporos Guidelines from the Kashrus Information Center

Adobe PDFStatement Regarding Use of Single-Faucet Sinks on Shabbos

Adobe PDFList of Brachos (Rishonos and Achronos) Made on Popular Breakfast Cereals

Adobe PDFHakhel's Tevilas Keilim Guidelines

Adobe PDFHakhel's Eruv Tavshilin Guidelines

Adobe PDFKol Korei on "Hard Money"

Adobe PDFTzinus Guidelines

Adobe PDFKabbalos in Tzinus

Adobe PDFAnger Suggestions

Adobe PDFAhavas Yisroel Cards from Bostoner Kollel





Adobe PDFNewsletter Issue 1

Adobe PDFTefillin Card



Adobe PDF Color Flyer

Adobe PDF Black-and-White Flyer (revised) ("B'kavana program")

Adobe PDF Contest Cards (revised) ("B'kavana program")

Adobe PDF Black-and-White Flyer

Adobe PDF Contest Cards


Adobe PDF  Pruzbul packet - Beis Din of America


Internet Log-In Sheet


Water Filter Guide for New York's Five Boroughs